The challenge of today's world is the quest for wholeness, integrity and seeing beyond opposites, counter positions, dichotomies and the fear of contradictions.
In order to regenerate and return to a state of health and wholeness, the individual has to return to his or her sarvas.

The term sarvas, meaning "all, whole" derives from Sanskrit and is the root of the words salute in Italian, meaning health (c.f. "salutary"), and salvezza, meaning salvation. Similarly, the English words health and holy both derive from the Sanskrit root kailos, which means "whole" (same root).

So we see that the two spheres of bodily and spiritual wholeness, originally a single, undivided area, have gradually been separated and handed over to professionals, in the field of holiness or salvation, on one hand (priests and religious institutions), and in the field of healthcare (doctors) on the other. This, particularly in the West, has created a divergence between these spheres.

"Whole, integral, undivided" does not refer to a mosaic of parts that are trying to stick together, but rather to a state of "integrity", and "individuality", a state of being "not divided", with visible parts that are in constant interaction with those that are as yet invisible.
Indeed, a state of "wholeness-integrity" indicates globality, harmony, a specific nature pulsating within a multitude of networks, vibrations, forms of expression, composition, rhythm, creation.
As it becomes visible, every network continuously refers to other networks which are as yet invisible, as is in touch with the process or journey that must be undertaken in order to meet, experience and be re-united with them.

Every individual (from the Latin "in dividuum": "not divided") has his or own specific state of "WHOLENESS" that is different from that of any other individual, and holds within him/her the potential and skills to regain and enhance their health, by interacting with other specific individualities.



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