The "Nuova Specie" Project began in 1966 as Mariano Loiacono's response to his own personal malaise at the age of 18. This malaise was not seen in terms of "disease" or "illness" but as "disagio", a "symptom-indicator" which led to the unfolding of four profound truths.

First Truth.

His personal suffering was an indication that the process of "psiche incubation" had not worked properly, i.e. the development of his own "inner world" into adulthood, which ideally is planned and carried out within the family, through religious upbringing, school and the other institutions theoretically responsible for facilitating this objective. This insufficient or partial growth did not allow him to fully express his own specific nature. As indicated in the etymology of the word "disagio" in Italian and "disease" in English, he felt he had "moved away" from himself, that he had deviated from the whole of which he consisted, from his sense of "I am who I am". This malaise/deviation from himself manifested itself in the shape of several symptoms-difficulties, that he experienced within himself and in various relationships.

Second Truth.

Before explaining the second truth, it is important to state some preliminary facts. In order to arrive at "theories" with regards to our existence - that is, in order to "see-observe-contemplate" different aspects of life and the meaning behind our life journey -, history has so far provided us with three points of view or epistemologies: "mythical/religious, philosophical, scientific". After producing its own "theory" on life, each point of view-epistemology then went on and continues to put it into "practice": i.e. it defines and decides "how" to live should be lived, what we should do practically every day, what changes we should make, what aspects we should cultivate or destroy, how to preserve or modify existing factors, how to undertake the "psyche incubation" to accompany human beings towards adulthood etc..
Now, in his personal experience, none of these agencies for growth had been adequate, so he deduced that the "points of view" or epistemologies that had generated these institutions, and had organised and maintained them, were also inadequate and limited.

Third Truth.

The solution did not lie in finding a remedy for the symptoms that he was suffering ("symptomatic solution") but inseeking and defining a "new" point of view, a "new" epistemology less partial than the previous ones, or rather, more "global" and capable of generating a "global method" that could heal symptoms/difficulties at their very roots, regenerateindividuals in their entirety and allow them to return to a state of "ease", i.e. closer to their true natures, more whole and their sense of "I am who only I am". This regeneration would bring about a new quality of life, not only in terms of one's relationship with oneself, but in all our relationships, eventually leading to a "new" evolutionary species.
This new "global epistemology" could not be founded in the same way as the previous epistemologies. Indeed, the three historical epistemolgies ("mythical-religious, philosophical, scientific") had been devised by Man through the "verbal" code of "words" ("verbum" in Latin means "word"). this code had never been used before in the history of life. Hence it was necessary to define a "new code" that was global and inclusive of all these other codes that had appeared over the course of the ancient journey of life on this earth, which has lasted for four and a half billion years.

Fourth Truth.

Being an indicator of how the roots of life have become inadequate, personal suffering has gradually become "disagio diffuso", or the "widespread malaise" of all individuals, groups and institutions, regardless of age, social class, standard of living, level of schooling, epistemologies, ethnicity, etc.. Therefore, it was necessary to set to work on this "new species" project, despite the fact that the standard of living in 1966 was quite efficient and effective in economical, political, technological and religious terms.

The first 40 years of the project



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