Theory is an essential component of the MaS Method. The etymology of the term goes back to the ancient Greek theorein, which means "to see – observe – contemplate".

Individual and collective experiences shared during ordinary GaS meetings or monthly Intensive Weeks are seen, observed and contemplated by all group participants, with a view to finding the common ground and underlying mechanisms in all of them. The idea is to adopt a wider, more "global" point of view, without being conditioned by partial or subjective observations and oversimplification. By taking an active and direct part in the theory process, over the course of their treatment, Group participants of all ages and level of education gradually develop the skills required to observe and analyse their own experiences to attain personal growth and autonomy from the GaS itself. The emphasis is on pursuing the path towards our own specific natures and state of wholeness and integrating it within our daily lives.

This is what makes the MaS Method suitable for application outside its original context. For a long time, the process of documenting the theories developed during meetings was handled by Barbara Loiacono, who brought her own characteristic brand of dedication, efficiency and creativity to this important task.
The Documentation Centre was eventually set up as an organ of the Nuova Specie Association by Sabrina Cela, who, by her own admission, owes much of her personal development and growth to the theories developed during MaS meetings and courses.

The Centre currently transcribes audiovisual material from GaS meetings, monthly Intensive Weeks, epistemology courses, training courses for "Travel Companions", theme days, fairy tales and bible passages interpreted according to Global Epistemology, supervisions and assessments carried out of Group participants and people in therapy.

It also sorts and distributes transcribed material, stores the Association's quarterly journal, Limax, which publishes uncensored contributions from Group participants, past and current sympathizers of the MaS Method, and holds copies of works by Dr Mariano Loiacono and other authors published by Edistampa Nuova Specie.

The Documentation Centre also organises topical meetings and debates.

If you would like to receive information, material or documents giving you a better understanding of the Method and its background, current and back issues of Limax etc, please e-mail us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
We will soon be offering promotion packages of theory material and back issues of Limax (currently available in Italian).




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