The "Centre for Social Medicine for alcohol and drug addiction and disagio diffuso" is directed by Dr Mariano Loiacono, and is the first centre in Italy to deal specifically with what is defined as "disagio diffuso" or "pervasive malaise.

The Centre is part of the "Ospedali Riuniti" Hospital in Foggia and has been operating since 1977, actively experimenting the "Metodo alla Salute" or MaS Method.

The Centre for Social Medicine in Foggia treats asymptomatic people, i.e. those with no apparent diseases or disorders, who would like to undertake a process of regeneration, and people with addictions to psychoactive substances (legal and illegal, including psychotropic drugs for "therapeutic" purposes) and with problems of dismaturity, psychotic and border-line syndromes, depression, eating disorders, character disorders, social and institutional conflicts, etc..

Through its implementation and experimentation of the MaS Method, the Centre for Social Medicine aims to transcend the practice of diagnostic categorisation that currently prevails in public and private health and social services.

With this in mind, the Centre for Social Medicine can be seen as an "anthropological laboratory" which, over the years has researched an integrated model of "health" and "wholeness", which incorporates the areas of healthcare, rehabilitation, prevention, training and research.
For several years now, students from various Italian universities have chosen to carry out their practical placements or research their degree dissertations at the Centre for Social Medicine, gaining direct experience in all aspects of the Method.



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